DIGITS: Chapter 21

I was able to feel the wind rushing. DIGITS looked abandoned. Where had everyone gone? The place which keeps bustling with crowd. What had happened here? Was I dreaming? I didn’t knew. The school which I had known felt different. Something terrible had happened there. Where we’re everyone? Where was Mr. Walder? Did I do […]

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Games that a mind plays

First day at a new place is always weird, really weird. And for Ebenezer it was difficult. His name gave people something to ponder upon. “How can someone come up with such a queer name?” they used to say. His name was the only thing his parents had passed to him before they left him […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 20-b

   We arrived late. How could I be so careless? Why I never realized that the people who had destroyed almost every healer, will never let another healer walk down on this land? Ameline had shared her secret with me. I should had realized that it wasn’t just her secret anymore. How couldn’t I not notice […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 20-a

“How dare you read my mother’s diary without my consent? What do you think you were doing?” Ameline let out her anger when we finally confronted Ileana. “Ameline, please, let’s not make a fuss about this, okay?” I said. “You,” said Ameline with an exasperated tone, like never before, “keep out of this. You don’t […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 19

“What?” reverberated Ileana’s sound in the room. “But how did he got past the security system of DIGITS? And you saw him torturing you?” She sat down on the sofa. “I can’t believe you saw your future!” said Ameline. “But the cool part of it was you locking Bestial in that room.” said Ocean and […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 18

Dream is a fallacy, a very disappointing thing. It makes you ‘believe’ what you cannot get will be yours, someday or never. But illusion is worse than that. Because illusion makes you ‘see’ what you want but can never have. The same disappointment struck me when I realized that all that I was seeing was […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 17

I woke up in a place which looked like a hospital, but I was inside a machine which more or less resembled a MRI machine. The machine was rotating around my body. It felt as if I was in a cradle. I was feeling no pain now. Nor was I able to recall what had […]

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