Maths Geek (1)

Article 1 – Pick’s Theorem This is first article of Maths Geek Article series, which I would be writing (or some Guest author) to introduce some interesting mathematical concepts to the audience. Today’s topic is Pick’s theorem. So, Pick’s theorem is used to determine area of a lattice polygon on a point grid.  Point grid […]

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Cosmic Inflation (2)

The universe is the ultimate free lunch.                                                  – Alan Guth Let’s review part 1 of Cosmic Inflation. The big bang theory had some drawbacks which are given below: It didn’t explain […]

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Cosmic Inflation (1)

Before starting with Inflationary theory, let’s take a look at what the Big Bang is. So, lets go back 14 billion years, when all observable matter was compressed in a very very small and infinitely dense point. This infinitely dense point is referred as Singularity. Now, something is happening to this point, and suddenly it […]

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The Darker side of the Universe

Before Newton, physicists(or Natural philosophers, as they were referred during that era) were unaware that our universe is expanding. This was due to technological limits and some religious beliefs that people held in their mind. Galaxies which are now supposed to be moving far from each other were unknown to them. But in the late 20’s, […]

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Theory of Everything

Sounds interesting, right? The Theory of Everything! A single theory that would cover almost all knowledge of the universe that mankind has in a single framework. There are four major forces that govern the universe; they include – Electromagnetism, Strong force, Weak force and Gravity. A theory of everything(TOE) would unify these four forces i.e. […]

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A Short Intro….

A few centuries back, if someone had said that he/she will make wireless communication possible with the help of electromagnetic waves of a certain wavelength between a receiver and a transmitter, the listener would had replied, “What the hell is wrong with you?” But today we see this wireless communication all around us. And we […]

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