The Real Challenge 1

Last week’s cipher was quite easy, wasn’t it? But there wasn’t any ‘real’ alien invasion. That disappointed me. But then I got another email from the same person who calls himself ‘Captain’. And then I came across the real problem. Read carefully, very carefully. I hope you guys will help me solve this.  Good Morning My […]

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Maths Geek (2)

Decrypt Challenge 1 I will be publishing a series of ciphers which, I suppose, the audience will enjoy.  Read carefully. And remember: Problems contain within themselves the essence of their solution.                       Today in the evening, when I was buy sleeping, my phone rang. The […]

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Through the Wormhole

Wormholes, as they were introduced in the last article, are passages through the space-time fabric that connects two points in space. So essentially they are like shortcuts for a long distance interstellar travel. Even though these super cool objects are still a mystery to us and finding one of them would be nothing less than […]

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Connected by strings

In my article, Theory of Everything, I mentioned the string theory. In this article I am going to explain in brief what string theory really is. String theory is a theory which aims to unify the four fundamental forces of nature, making it a theory of everything. String theory assumes that smallest unit of matter […]

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