DIGITS: Chapter 12

The last few hours were really challenging for me. And I realized that DIGITS was no ordinary school. That bamboo door and the darkness behind it hinted towards something so subtle that it was beyond the reach of my mind. What was Prof. Florence doing there? Who was the girl in my dreams? “Time”, she […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 11

  ” We are as clouds that veil the midnight moon; How restlessly they speed, and gleam, and quiver, Streaking the darkness radiantly! yet soon Night closes round, and they are lost for ever…  “ Professor Heed was reading Percy B. Shelley’s Mutability. His voice was magical. Just like Ameline. Rather more musical. Literature is […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 10

Palazzo Ristorante was not as luxurious as Lieu de nourriture, but still it had its class and its specialties as well. It looked like Athenian Acropolis, except it was not that large. Its interior included many sculptures of  gargoyles, dragons, minotaur and many other mythical creatures. It was difficult to decide whether Palazzo Ristorante was a restaurant or […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 9

“Your mother was a healer. And the last one of them. Yes, she was a healer and one of the most powerful healers.” Father said. “Was she… the Snoutband…” “Yes. She was abducted by the Snoutbands. But… but we don’t know what happened to her. We tried… but…” Father stopped. Well, anyone can get emotional […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 8

“Yes, it’s me, are you blind or what?” Ileana said. “Can’t you be a little polite?” Ameline asked. “You”, Ileana said pointing towards Ameline, “keep out of this. This is none of your business. You pathetic little prat.” Then turning her head towards me she said, “And you, can’t you just keep your mind shut […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 7

I dropped the idea immediately. How can she be my mother? Father would have told me. He was going to tell me about my mother. I will ask Father about that today itself. “Attention please. For those who don’t know me, my name is Florence. And now, we must begin with our first lesson.” Our […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 6

The night before my first day at the school was very strange. I had discovered my biological father who was the leader of a secret organization called as the Brotherhood; I was inside his cabin was floating in air – hundreds of feet from ground – above one of the most advanced and beautiful city […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 5

Elder city was like an ‘ideal’ place to live. An Utopian city. Clean and perfectly lit roads (a very rare site on the ‘otherside’). But what caught my eyes were colors. It was a very colorful city. I was expecting a car to take us to Father’s friend’s place, but rather we took something which […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 4

  DIGITS! Strange name for a school. What else could I expect from such a strange place and such strange men? Father opened the door. And along with the door, many possibilities and most importantly, the way which lead to the truth had presented itself before me. The world behind this door was much different […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 3

A few hours ago, my life was as normal as it can be for a human being. But it all changed when I decided to bunk one lecture. I got escorted to a top-secret place called the Fort, by a few guys who drove Jaguar and Range Rovers, who call themselves by weird names (and […]

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