DIGITS: Chapter 17

I woke up in a place which looked like a hospital, but I was inside a machine which more or less resembled a MRI machine. The machine was rotating around my body. It felt as if I was in a cradle. I was feeling no pain now. Nor was I able to recall what had […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 16

The light was getting more and more closer. I was tired of walking this far. Prof. Florence was walking in front of me. She hadn’t uttered a word from the time we entered in. I never expected that this room was this long. The walls felt cold like ice, but black like coal. ‘Some exotic […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 15

The world around me was changing very rapidly. Life was getting tough, for me as well as for those around me. Ileana, Ameline, Ocean, Mr. Walder, Mr. Renaux and my father, these were the only people I could trust. It was not the best of the times, at least not for the residents for Elder. […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 14

“Yes. So, you know me. That’s nice.” He started laughing. A demonic laugh, the kind that I hadn’t ever heard. I was terrified at that moment. It’s obvious, looking straight at your death, who won’t be fucked up at that moment. His red eyes sparkled in the twilight. His stature was muscular, he was tall, […]

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DIGITS: Chapter 13

A week passed by. No one ever spoke about Bestial. My training with Ameline was getting more and more challenging as the same dream came to me. My head kept throbbing constantly after the training. I thought better not to tell anyone about this. My father was still not in the town. I was a […]

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