DIGITS: Chapter 16

Chap 16

The light was getting more and more closer. I was tired of walking this far. Prof. Florence was walking in front of me. She hadn’t uttered a word from the time we entered in. I never expected that this room was this long. The walls felt cold like ice, but black like coal. ‘Some exotic material’, I thought.

“Oh yes, it is.” said Prof. Florence. I had forgotten that she was a seeker.

“What kind of material exactly?” I asked.

“These are  Mellinium crystals.” she answered.

“Artificially created?” I asked. I broke a small piece of that wall and held it close enough to observe under the light of my Speculo. It was cold. And it wasn’t melting.

“No. It’s natural. But due to its excessive mining, levels of Mellinium have declined. The only Mellinium available in the whole Elder city is present in this room. This room is a Mellinium storage. And please – ” she stopped, turned around, and said, “- this isn’t a flower, so don’t pluck them from the wall.” She faced away and started walking, fast.

I kept looking at the piece of Mellinium in my hand and put it i my pocket. After walking for another few minutes we reached the other end of the room. Light poured in from that end, we stepped inside that next room and the whole scenario changed. There was nothing black here, but white. Pure white and the air here was denser. It was getting difficult for me to breathe. Everything was little blur. 

“You’ll get used to it. This is our practice room.” She said.

I coughed. I was able to taste the air. There was something not-so-good about this room. But I gathered all my strength and tried breathing. Well, it wasn’t that difficult to breathe this time.

Then I stood as to face Prof. Florence. But to my surprise, she was nowhere to be seen. And suddenly, I felt a kick in my abdomen. The next moment, I was on the floor. 

“You’re not paying attention,” she appeared out of thin air. 

“H-how…” I was going to ask her, but she turned to particles, bright red particles. I felt something hard hit my head from behind. It was painful, really, very painful. My vision got more blur. Blood! The floor was bloodied. I was bleeding. It was a trap! Whoever she was, she wasn’t Prof. Florence. Only one name flashed in my mind – Bestial.

“How does it feel?” I recognized that voice. It was Bestial. No other human can bear such a chilling voice.

“Pain. How does pain feel?” he asked. He sat beside me. I was lying on the floor. Pain, as he said, was unbearable. I wanted to answer him. But no voice came out of my mouth.

“Looking at someone in pain gives me so much satisfaction.” his hand moved over my wounded head and he pressed his fingers hard on that wound. Pain! I gave away scream. He was laughing. I tried to push him away, but I wasn’t an equal to him. I hardly was able to move his hand from the wound. 

“You feel pain, don’t you?” he started laughing. A devils laugh. He reached for something from his overcoat. It looked like a doubled-sided knife but with sharp teeth at one end and keen plane blade on other end.

“It’s a Dolorblade. It’s made from the same Mellinium crystals you saw outside. But I have added an extra element to make it much more stronger, or rather painful.” he laughed again. And without uttering a word stabbed it in my right hand. The agony was beyond description. Blood poured out from that hand. He kept his right leg on my left hand which was safe (for the moment).

He bent a little and said, “You don’t seem like an Aeon. I have killed many of them. They were worth a fight, but you are just filth.”

He started removing his Dolorblade from my hand, but slowly. I felt like my hand was being devoured from inside. I must say he was an expert in torturing. ‘Fight’, said a voice. 

I gathered all my strength and pulled my left hand back. He fell with a thud. But no voice came from his mouth. His knife was still dangling from my right hand. I held my hand as it was and started running towards the other end from where we had entered. The wound on my head was throbbing badly. I was running like hell. I heard Bestial’s voice from behind,

“Run. Run as far as you can. You can’t run forever from Bestial.” Then he yelled, “Revinate!”

And I felt the Dolorblade moving out of my hand. And it flew back to Bestial. My hand was bleeding much more now. I reached the door, finally. Some professors came running towards me. I was exhausted, I had lost too much blood and probably I was going to die. The professors were saying something which I was not able to hear. One of them ran to bring the emergency service. I looked back. It was completely dark. There was no light on the other end. It was completely dark.

But I heard someone say something. A voice, very familiar voice, whispered, “Time. Wait for the right time,” and I felt a cold breeze. The same coldness that I felt while walking through the Mellinium storage. 

Now, all the light was retreating. Darkness covered my vision and I lost my consciousness. All the pain was lost.







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