DIGITS: Chapter 17

Chap 17

I woke up in a place which looked like a hospital, but I was inside a machine which more or less resembled a MRI machine. The machine was rotating around my body. It felt as if I was in a cradle.

I was feeling no pain now. Nor was I able to recall what had happened with me and how I ended up in a hospital. But all these things were irrelevant now. The important thing now was that I was safe. But was I really safe anymore? Well, I thought it best not to think about it.

The only thing I was able to see there was a blue light which I suppose was scanning my right hand, which for me was difficult to move. And another light was focused on my head. But it was beneath my head. It took me few minutes to realize that I was floating inside that machine.

Then a familiar voice fell on my ears. It was my father’s. Then I heard a few more whispers, I recognized a few of them. Ileana, Ameline, Ocean, Mr. Renaux, the Headmaster and another familiar voice which belonged to Prof. Florence. The machine stopped rotating after what seemed like a few hours. I felt half alive. I was having difficulty in breathing. My lungs felt as if they were shrinked. My head was heavier than usual. Then the machine opened. And many faces showed up.

“He’s awake, dad,” said Ileana.

“Son, how are you feeling?” asked father.

“I-I…” but words never came out.

Then I heard a mechanical voice say – “Please do not prompt the patient to speak. He hasn’t recovered fully. Not yet.”

“Can I talk with him?” said Ameline. All I could have done was to hear what they were saying. I was not in a condition to talk. Nor was I able to move.

“Sure. But I think his father should talk to him at this moment.” said Mr. Renaux. Ameline gave me a oh-you-poor-creature kind of look.

Everyone left the room except for my father.

“Son, I am really sorry. I failed to protect you. I failed as a father.” No, he wasn’t crying. But his voice was heavy. I felt bad for him. ‘Cause it wasn’t his fault at all. I had failed him.

“N-no.” I said.

“I think you shouldn’t work your brain so hard. You just had a traumatic brain injury.” he paused and sighed. “These guys have a fancy name for it. they call it craniocerebral trauma.” And he gave an expression which was close to a smile. I returned a smile too.

“H-how did Bes-“

“We don’t know how but according to what I read in your mind, I believe that he was disguised as Prof. Florence.” I nodded. Father continued, “I discussed this issue with every official in the city and we have concluded that DIGITS will receive a very high level of security. The Mellinium deposits are sealed. Mellenium crystals are kept in highly toxic environment so that they retain their qualities which are otherwise lost. This means that you were breathing cyanide in that room.”

He sighed and continued, “Don’t worry your body has been detoxified now. You are safe. The medical officials say that breathing such amounts of cyanide could have killed anyone within minutes. The fact that you are alive here today, is nothing less than a miracle.”

“H-how many… how many hours… I-I’ve stayed this way?” I asked.

“Not hours, son. Weeks! You’ve woken up from two weeks’ sleep.” He said. I felt the pain that Bestial had caused in my head. ‘Well, it wasn’t that bad,’ I thought to myself.

“Yes. You were lucky. Bestial’s objective was not to kill you, but to obtain the Mellinium crystals. He’s up to something. And he is not alone.” answered Father. His face showed that he was deep in some thought. Then his expressions changed, as if, he had remembered something. His face lit up and he said, “There is a good news for you and for us, too. “


“Do you know where I was these few weeks?” I shook my head.

“Well, I’d organized a search team and we invaded the Scoutband regions. And…” he paused and then I saw a teardrop running down his cheek. He was lost for words. “Your mother… your mother is alive, son.” And a smile appeared on his face.

I was amazed to hear this, rather shocked. What was wrong with this world, with these people, they’d declared my mother dead, and had thrown me into thinking that I would never get to see my real mother. Things were changing, rather too fast. It was difficult to believe but anything could happen in a span of two weeks. But at that moment tha only thing I was able to think about was that my mother, my real mother was not dead. She’s alive. Now, I was no longer capable of lying in the bed anymore. I wanted to meet my mother right at that moment. I got up from that floating bed and said, “I-I want to…m-meet her…now”

“You are going nowhere now” Probably, he was right.

“P-please, I…”

“I never said you can’t meet her”


“She, too, wants to meet her son. She’s here, son.” Then he laid me back on the bed and went towards the door. He put his head outside and whispered someone’s name. And then came back and sat next to me. He was holding my left hand. His touch assured me that I was safe now. The door opened and a woman came in. I recognized those eyes. They were same as mine.

She smiled at me. Her eyes moistened. And there stood my mother. All I could do at that moment was smile. Smile is contagious, you see!


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