DIGITS: Chapter 18

Chap 18

Dream is a fallacy, a very disappointing thing. It makes you ‘believe’ what you cannot get will be yours, someday or never. But illusion is worse than that. Because illusion makes you ‘see’ what you want but can never have. The same disappointment struck me when I realized that all that I was seeing was an illusion. I never was in that hospital! I never met my dad there, nor my mom!

I was still inside that very room with those Mellinium crystals, and I was holding the crystal in my hand which I had plucked from the wall. My head was not bleeding, nor were any of my hands. I was confused at first, really confused. What the fuck was going on! Reality was getting blitzed. Then it came to me. A premonition (was it?). I was able to see Prof. Florence walking in front of me and the entrance to the cyanide room getting close. Was it Bestial in disguise? I turned around and ran till I got out of that storage room. I locked the bamboo door. I was sure that if it’s Bestial, this door won’t stand a chance. But it might buy me some time (and make me feel secure). 

I feet didn’t stop. But my thoughts did. I tried hard not to let anyone get inside my head this time. I had ruined his plans and I was pretty sure he would have been pretty fucked up at that moment. I stopped in front of the Headmaster’s office. I didn’t gave it another thought and pushed myself in… and my theory was confirmed. Prof. Florence was sitting right there in front of me, Mr. Walder was on his chair, and there were a few other professors too, and all of gave me a queer look. But none of them was surprised. Then I said the magic words (Magic! Was it?).

“Bestial is here.” I said and all of them were on their feet. Magic, it was, evil as much.

None of them spoke. A majority of them left the room as quickly as those words came out of my mouth. But Mr. Walder and Prof. Florence were still there. And so was Prof. Ivanhov. 

“Sit down, Advik. Here, have a glass of water.” said Prof. Florence.

“Sir, it’s Bestial. I-I am sure, he…” I was totally exhausted even to complete the sentence.

“Don’t worry, our professors will handle the situation,” said Prof. Ivanhov. I gulped the water from the glass and put the empty glass on the table. I looked towards the window. Then I turned towards Prof. Florence and said, “He was disguised as you.”

“Are you sure?” asked Mr. Walder.

“Damn sure, Professor. I saw what he was going to do to me. I saw the future.” I said.

“Your brain is getting wired as Aeon.” said Prof. Florence.

“Professor,” said Headmaster Walder to Prof. Ivanhov, “would you be so kind to convey this information to the security team.”

“Yes sir. I’ll take your leave now.” And Prof. Ivanhov strode across the room.

“‘Wired as Aeon’, what does it mean?” I asked Prof. Florence.

“Your perception of time is changing. Time will no longer be linear for you. Your time will have no direction.” said Prof. Florence.

“Sorry to interrupt, Advik, but I think you should leave for your team tower now. Professor, I think you should escort him. I am sure Bestial will not make any stupid move now, but he would be furious at this moment, so let’s not neglect his capabilities, and his anger. Security of students is most important. Now, please leave.” he paused and then said, “Advik, stay with your friends.”

“Yes sir, I will.” I said. 

Then I left with Prof. Florence. We didn’t speak while on our way to the parking space. Once inside the car, I burst out with my questions.

“What kind of direction do you mean? How was I able to see what happened? Is it some kind of skill? And what…” then she gave the look which made me shut my mouth.

She sighed. And spoke, “Time has a direction. It flows from the past to the future. No the other way. This is linear time-line or straight time-line.”

“Then what does it mean that time won’t be linear for me?” I asked.

“Your time will not have a direction. At least you will not perceive the direction. You can travel through your time-line.” she answered while she was driving.

“Does it mean that I can see my future?”

“It does. But for you future doesn’t exist. But this skill may turn on you too. So use it carefully.”

I sank back in my seat. Being able to what would happen in future and being able to change it, isn’t it strange? It is. Rather scary. Because you might know how you die. 

“How do I keep myself from peeping in unnecessary events of my life? I might get tempted to change it.” I asked.

“How you use your power is what will make you the Aeon! Or else you are nothing better than Bestial.”

“I try my best not to be.” I paused. Then I spoke up my doubt, “How can everyone react so calmly over the news that Bestial is in DIGITS?” 

“Your father had informed us. He told each and every event that happened tonight, before you had.”

“How come he…” Then it came to me, “My mother!”

Prof. Florence’s foot hit the brake and the car stopped with a jerk. “What?”

“I saw my mother in that premonition or whatever it’s called.”

“Really? You serious?” she asked. And a wide smile came over her face.

“Yeah.” I said.

All the way along, that smile was there on her face. She looked happy. Rather ecstatic. Then she dropped me to the team tower and left, without uttering a word except – bye. I entered my room, pretending as if everything was normal. I opened the door and…

“Are you okay?” ,”How did Bestial entered the school?”, “Was he armed?”, “Did he try to attack you?” and many more questions were fired on me by Ocean, Ameline and Ileana, who, I presume were still not asleep because they wanted answers to their question.

“Why aren’t you speaking?” asked Ocean.

“You know what, I think I’ve heard the concept of ‘listening’, haven’t you?” I said.

“Maybe we’ll talk tomorrow.” said Ameline.

“That’s a good idea.” said Ileana. 

And then both of them left the room. I threw myself on the bed and dived deep in sleep, while Ocean kept muttering some questions that he wanted to ask me. ‘Another normal day at DIGITS!’, I thought to myself.


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